CPAP Respironics REMstar Machine with data card

CPAP Respironics REMstar Machine with data card
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PR System One REMstar Plus CPAP Machine and Humidifier

Is it time for your to get the latest and greatest in CPAP equipment? The Respironics REMstar Plus DS250HS offers just that. Delivering all the needs you require in a CPAP machine; from CFLEX to reporting, this system has what you need.

Philips-Respironics also listened to user feedback when designing the System One Heated Humidifier. A cleverly designed water chamber works with a built in Dry Box to virtually eliminate water getting into the machine during normal use. Even with a water chamber filled to the FULL line, the machine can be tilted and even turned upside down without leaking water back into the unit*. Furthermore, System One Humidity Control monitors room temperature, room humidity, and flow to determine what is required to maintain your selected humidity setting, even when environmental conditions change. Because of this, you can be assured that your therapy comfort will be maximized by virtually eliminating rain-out and condensation buildup in the tubing.

* PLEASE NOTE: ALWAYS drain your water chamber completely when transporting or moving your machine.


The Philips-Respironics "System One" REMstar Plus with C-Flex takes a smarter approach to the entire sleep management process. New features such as Dry Box technology, System One humidity control, and C-Flex put this CPAP machine on the cutting edge. Respironics' patented C-Flex technology offers a more comfortable way to deliver sleep therapy by taking the work out of exhalation. C-Flex tracks and reacts to every breath throughout the night, increasing your comfort as you exhale. The PR System One uses a SD card for data collection. Prior to the System One, patients were required to use a specialized card reader when uploading sleep data to a computer. Philips-Respironics has made this process easier by using the standard SD card, giving the patient the ability to use any SD reader to upload sleep data to the EncorePro or EncoreAnywhere software. The REMstar Plus will record Patterns of use data only.


System One Humidity Control

System One Humidity Control prevents rainout by maintaining consistent mask humidity. Patients are able to choose the mask humidity setting (1 - 5) that is most comfortable for them. System One Humidity Control maintains consistent mask humidity by monitoring and adjusting for changes in room temperature and room humidity.


Advanced Event Detection

We've built in more device intelligence so that you can make the most informed decisions possible. Our new sleep system addresses advanced sleep assessment parameters including AHI, large leak, flow limitation and RERAs that help you determine appropriate clinical management of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

But the real advancement is its ability to point out when a patient is experiencing symptoms beyond classic OSA. With intelligent technology that can identify clear airway apneas and periodic breathing, the system immediately indicates the potential need for specialized therapy. With our new system, all events can now be verified by looking at detailed patient flow waveform data captured by the device.


USER MANUAL (English, .pdf)

SETUP GUIDE (English, .pdf)




Philips Respironics

Manufacturer Part No


Weight with Heated Humid

4.8 lbs/ 1kg


6.5" L x 10.75" W x 4" H

Noise Level

29 dB

Data Card



Pollen and ultra-fine

Device Set-up


Software Available



0 to 45 min. (5 min. increments)

Exhalation Relief


Pressure Range

4-20 cm/H2O

Altitude Adjustment


Passover Cool Humidifier


110 Voltage


220 Voltage


Can Use A Battery


Mask Off Alert



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